FREE Nuts at CVS


This week some CVS card holders are getting a coupon for $2 off any two Gold Emblem Nuts from the coupon scanner.  You can use this coupon to get the small bags of Cashew nuts located by the the snack area and also the beverage area.  These small bags are usually $0.79 each.  So you could even get some small overage each time you use the coupon.  Just remember that you can only use one-like CVS coupon per order.

Last August or September this coupon was available too and I picked up a few bags of cashews for my husband.  Those nuts are usually really expensive and it was a nice treat to get for him for FREE!  Actually, if I remember correctly the same coupon could be used on the chocolate covered peanuts.  Although they are technically not a nut but a legume, CVS has them with the rest of the nut and snack products.


cvscouponscanner1Edited to add:  here’s a visual of how the coupon scanner looks like.  If your store doesn’t have a coupon scanner, the coupon may also print at the end of your register receipt.

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