Free Perfume Samples From Magazines? Here are 5 Great Uses!


You know those stinky cards tucked away in your magazines every month? The ones you rip out and toss in the trash or just ignore? Well, they have so many awesome uses, you might want to start stashing them instead of trashing them!

Here are great ways to use the free perfume samples from magazines!

#1. Wear them.

One of the most obvious ways to use free perfume samples from magazines is to simply wear them. I like to trim off the flap part of the sample and cut it into small squares. The small squares are the perfect size for a single application of an otherwise pricey perfume!

#2. Keep closed spaces smelling pretty.

Closets, drawers, vehicles – pretty much any small closed space can get musty and yucky smelling. Keep them smelling fresh and wonderful with your free perfume samples! When the perfume samples get old and you can no longer smell them, just replace them with a new card.

#3. Battle stinky shoes and gym bags.

After wearing them all day, your shoes can get awful stinky! And your gym bag? Pee-yew! Keep the nasty odors away by tucking a magazine perfume sample into each shoe or into your gym bag. No more stinky feet or rank gym clothes!

#4. Toss them in the dryer.

Fabric softener sheets are great, but magazine perfume samples can take the smell of your clothes to a whole new level! Next time you do laundry, toss a perfume sample in with the clothes. Dry them on low and your clothes will come out with a decadent and pricey scent.

#5. Make a homemade carpet deodorizer.

I’ll bet you never thought you could use those free samples to deodorize and scent your carpet! Just toss a few perfume samples into a container and cover them with baking soda. You can use the same perfume or even just similar perfume samples, as long as you like them. The baking soda will absorb the smell of the perfume samples. Then just sprinkle it on your carpet, let it set for several minutes and vacuum.

What other ways can you use the free perfume samples from magazines?

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