Free Sample Gillete Fusion Razor and Galaxy Granola


Well, time to get back to sharing the freebies with you.  Here are a couple of free sample offer available:

  • Call 1-888-778-3221. To request a sample of Gillete Fusion Razors, press 1 for instructions in Spanish or 2 for instructions in English.  This offer is also available through Shoptext.  Just text the word PRUEBA to the number 467467.  You will then get a text back asking for your age.  Then you will get a second text back asking for the letter of the State where you reside.  If you are not registered with Shoptext yet, do so to save yourself from a couple of texts requesting your mailing address.  Standard text messaging rates apply, so call if you don’t have unlimited texting available.

You can also request a sample of Galaxy Granola.  Just go here to request it.

Happy Savings!

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