Free Samples Not Showing Up?

free samples


Free samples are great! I mean, what’s better than getting free stuff and being able to try new products without paying a dime?

It can be pretty frustrating, though, when you fill out a form and wait patiently for a free sample…that never arrives. I mean, it was free, so we probably shouldn’t complain too much, but it’s still frustrating. There are lots of scam websites out there that promise free samples and never send them, but chances are, there’s another reason why you aren’t getting your free samples in the mail – you!

That’s right. You could be making a few mistakes that could cost you your free samples. Let’s take a look at them…

You’re late to the party.

When it comes to getting free samples, the early bird really does get the worm. There are often so many people trying to get the free samples, but most companies only have a limited supply to give out. This means that there are only so many to go around, and it’s usually first come, first serve. To make sure you get a free sample, sign up early! It can also be helpful to check sample sites, manufacturer Facebook pages, and coupon blogs each day in order to find new free samples early.

You use a “dummy” email”.

I know it can be frustrating to get loads of spam in your inbox, but using a fake dummy email when signing up for a free sample could mean that it never arrives. Technology has advanced enough so that websites can tell instantly if you’re using a disposable email or one that simply doesn’t exist. Also, some companies send confirmation emails before they send out free samples. To avoid the loads of emails that come with requesting free samples, create a dedicated email for this purpose. I recommend Gmail, since it has powerful filters you can use to sort your incoming emails by keyword and sender.

You don’t complete forms for free samples.

By complete, I mean completely complete. If you skip any part of a free sample request form, you may not receive one. Most websites are designed to let you know if there are errors or missing bits of information, but some are not. Make sure you enter all information that is asked. One of the most commonly skipped sections of free sample request forms, I imagine, are the phone number sections. If you don’t want to give out your real phone number, you can always sign up for a free Google Voice number. Any voice mails will automatically be sent to your inbox.

You have errors on your free sample request forms.

If your information isn’t entered correctly, there’s a chance you may not recieve your free samples. An error as small as an incorrect digit in your zip code could prevent you from receiving your free samples. I recommend using an automatic form filler, and double checking that all of the information that you provide is correct.

You don’t read the rules and instructions.

Most free samples given away can be requested by anyone and usually only require you to fill out a simple form. Some, however, are only available to specific demographics, such as individuals in a specific region or age group. If you don’t meet certain qualifications, you won’t receive your free samples. Before you request free samples, make sure you read the rules and are eligible to receive them. Also, you may be required to perform additional tasks before some free samples are sent to you. This could be as simple as confirming an email, but you might also need to fill out a short survey. Make sure you read all of the instructions for getting free samples and complete all of the necessary steps.

You trash your junk mail immediately.

I know – I hate junk mail as much as you, but it comes with the territory when requesting free samples. If you’re in the habit of automatically tossing your junk mail before you even open it and you aren’t getting your free samples, you just might be throwing them away. While many free samples come in obvious little boxes or padded mailers, some are small enough to fit into a regular plain envelope. You might even be throwing out coupons for free products! So, before you toss your junk mail, make sure it’s really junk first.