FREE Shipping From e.l.f. | See What You Can Get for a BUCK!

Looks like the e.l.f. free shipping offer is still going on! I really love these free shipping sales from e.l.f, and I usually end up placing a couple of orders. This time I picked up a couple more Essentials lipsticks, another Hypershine lip gloss, and a tinted lip balm stick. (If you can’t tell, I really have a thing for lip color…)

I don’t normally like cheap makeup, but e.l.f. is the exception to that. I’ve found that mot of their product are actually pretty decent, even though they only cost a buck or two! I especially love the Essentials lipstick and Hypershine gloss!

If you need some new makeup, I highly recommend checking out this free shipping sale! Here are just a couple of goodies that you can snag for super cheap…