Free SoyJoy Bars at CVS

soyjoyCVS has 6 packs of SoyJoy bars free after extra care bucks (FAECB) as a monthly deal.  Apparently this deal is not advertised in the monthly CVS book but the 6 count boxes are tagged as free after extra care buck items in stores.  I was reading this thread last night and apparently the limit is not five boxes but TEN!  That’s right, you can get a total of 60 Soyjoy bars for free with this deal.

If you are thinking of taking advantage of this deal, I suggest you start by buying up to five boxes.  If after buying the fifth box your receipt doesn’t show limit reached then buy the extra boxes.  FAECB items make great fillers in your purchase if you are using a purchase discount coupon.

Enjoy some free Soyjoy!