Free Suave Shampoo at Walgreens this Week

I want to point you guys to Erin’s post on this deal going on this week at Walgreens.

Basically, if you buy four different types of Suave (family size) shampoo or conditioner (priced at $1.5 each and use the coupons on the 2/10 inserts) you get a $6 RR. It has something to do with the way the register works but because the products are buy one get one half off this week, instead of having to buy the six the offer calls for you only have to buy four.

The best news it seems, is that you can use the register reward from this offer to buy more shampoo!! This is called rolling the register rewards. Usually you can’t use the register rewards from one offer to buy the same offer again, if you do so the next register reward won’t print. But in this case it’s being reported as the offer printing again when you use the RR from a previous transaction.

So if you need it and like the shampoo get it for free and make a bit of money by taking advantage of this offer.
The math should work like this
$6 4 Suave shampoos (it seems you seem to buy different types for this “loophole” to work, but at least two of the same)
-$1.5 two of them being priced half off
-$1 two $0.50 off two coupon from inserts (some got $1/2)
= $3.50+ tax OOP and get a $6 Register Reward

Rinse and repeat if you wish (pun intended).

PS. If you try rolling the offer you will need to add items to make your total more than $6. Walgreens carries milk, eggs and other food items people! Great way to help your grocery budget.

PS2. If you want to try rolling you may want to try soon. Glitches like this are fixed fast by the Catalina Company.