Free The Biggest Loser Workout Mix MP3 Album Download


You can download The Biggest Loser Workout Mix – Top 40 Hits Vol. 4 MP3 Album  for free right now.  Simply enter your email address and  use the coupon code  FREEBL4.  Click on the download button to claim your freebie!  Here are the titles included in this album:

Hey Soul Sister (HumanJive Remix)
Half of My Heart (CPR Remix)
Cooler Than Me (CPR Remix)
If We Ever Meet Again (CPR Remix)
Wavin’ Flag (Ronnie Maze Mix)
Dynamite (CPR Remix)
Undo It (CPR Remix)
Ridin’ Solo (HumanJive Remix)
I Like It (CPR Remix)
Young Forever (CPR Remix)
Somebody To Love (HumanJive Remix)
Alejandro (HumanJive Remix)
California Gurls (HumanJive Remix)