Free Video and Movie Streaming for Paying Amazon Prime Members

Amazon has started offering FREE video and movie streaming to paying Amazon Prime Members. The movie and tv show selection is around 5,000. Only those who have paid for a Prime Membership can enjoy this added bonus. if you have a free prime trial through Amazon Mom or because you are student you won’t be able to take advantage of this unless you upgrade your account.

This is a deal to consider IF you have Nextflix. Your Nextflix out of pocket expense if $95.88/year at the lowest level. If you were to start paying for an Amazon Prime membership you pay only $79/year and get all of these tv shows and movies available for FREE plus you enjoy free two day shipping from Amazon with no minimum purchase requirement. I have not been able to compare the video selection between this and Netflix. But I think this may be a winning deal when you combine the free shipping with so many great deals Amazon offers regularly + free video streaming.  What do you think?

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