Friday 27: Visiting LSU Campus, Going Back was Expensive

Friday we tried to relive the glory days by visiting our old campus. We still have a couple of friends and professors we wanted to visit.
The day started with breakfast at the local diner: Louie’s. Breakfast for 3: $21 for coffee, a big omelet and chocolate chip waffles.
After visiting friends, we decided to hit Kamado’s the sushi restaurant where we had many dates together. That itself should tell you it was not a cheap lunch. But because we went for lunch we were able to get the lunch specials which are priced cheaper. Lunch for three: $55! But we had to have the Acadian roll. This roll is made with crawfish and we have not been able to find it anywhere else we have been. On a good note my son enjoyed Miso soup.
Then for dinner, we had to have some crawfish etouffee and the best we ever has was at The Chimes just outside the South gates of the LSU campus. Total Cost $21. We ordered in so we saved on the costs of drinks and tip.

Frugal Flops: A visit to Walmart to get incidentals $18.71. I noticed the Walmart prices in this college town are higher than at the one in my small town.
Frugal Victories: We were able to replace the baby floater we forgot at home hopefully for little out of pocket ($5). We found the same floater at a Walgreens down here and I used my Walgreens gift card to pay for it in part. I still have the receipt for the other one so I will return it when we get home.

Total spent so far: $151.20