Frugal Fall Family Fun

Fall is time for changing colors, apple crisp and pumpkin pie. The weather may be cooling but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fun things to be done as a family. Here are some ideas:

  • Fall is the perfect time to take walks. Peak your children’s interest in nature by collecting acorns, leaves, dried flowers, rocks, etc.
  • One more reason I love the fall is because it is the time for Football. I love college football but these days I spend my time attending High School Football games. The level of excitement is the same and the crowds are smaller which is perfect for our family with small children.
  • Visiting the pumpkin farm has many benefits: First you are supporting a local business. Second, in addition to picking up pumpkins for Halloween decoration you are also engaging in a fun activity. Most pumpkin farms around me offer free hayrides and have corn mazes to explore with your children.
  • Fall is time for apple picking. My husband and I wait all year for Honey Crisp Apples. Have you had them? They are so good. They are only available for about six weeks around here. We always make sure to visit the different apple orchards around us to bring them home. Most apple orchards around us also offer free hay rides and small farm animals for children to pet.
  • What do you do with all the apples and pumpkins you have picked? Fall is the time to have fun baking in the family kitchen. Keep your family busy as you all huddle over a mixing bowl, gathering ingredients for an apple pie, apple crisp or pumpkin muffins. You can also roast the pumpkin seeds and make apple butter.
  • Have a Pumpkin Carving contest. Let your family’s imagination go wild. Making your own homemade decorations will save you money and your family will be proud to have their creations displayed for all to see.
  • Have fun by turning chores into fun: gather fallen leaves and then let your children play in the gathered piles.

What are some of your favorite fall activities?