Make your own stretch mark cream

Part of being frugal is making do with what you have. I have been semi-faithfully applying Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Massage Cream to my pregnant belly to help keep stretch marks at bay. Whether it helps or not, I am not sure but I did it with my first son’s pregnancy and I didn’t get any stretch marks. So I didn’t want to tempt fate this time around and am putting it on again. The cream is not cheap $5.49 for 4.4 oz. I was almost out of it and needed to get more. But then I remembered that in my bathroom cupboard I had a small tub of Cocoa Butter Formula. The only reason it was still there was that its almost solid consistency makes it hard to apply on your skin. So, I decided to see how I could make it smoother to apply and use this instead.

This is the recipe I found for Whipped Shea Butter and what I used to whip the butter formula I already had.
Use approx. 60% Shea Butter Approx. 40% Natural Oils (You can use any of our fixed/carrier oils like Soy, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Avocado, etc.). Corn Starch (optional, but some feel it cuts down on the “greasy” feeling). Any lotion safe fragrance oil, or you can use all natural essential oils instead if you prefer.

I used Canola oil as the carrier oil, because it’s what I had available. I have been using the whipped cream for two nights now and it has worked great so far. It feels just as moisturizing as the massage cream I was using and it cost me zilch to make it since I had all of the ingredients in my house.