Frugal Friday: Make your own toddler art apron

My son is at that age when painting is starting to be appealing to him. When he first came back from a playdate with paint on his shirt I freaked out. But, I am not one to despair, no ma’am. Instead I remembered that I owned a sewing machine and that I also had tons of children’s fabric I had gotten for free on Freecycle last year. I searched online for a simple apron pattern. I couldn’t believe I spent one hour doing this but finding a simple pattern turned not to be so simple. Anyway, here’s the fruit of my labor enjoying his new apron:

You can find the pattern I used and the instructions right here. I did not use the D rings or special ribbon. I ended up making the loop around the neck long enough to fit around his head and sewed it to both sides. Instead of buying ribbon for the neck loop and the back ties, I made my own with the same fabric I used for the rest of the apron.

I have my own apron all ready to be sewn as well. Now, if I could only find the time.

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