Frugal Victory of the day: 1 gallon of organic milk for $2

Only one of the grocery stores around me doubles coupons and that happens only once a month and they have a limit of 5 coupons. Not the greatest thing at all. That’s why I usually don’t do a lot of coupon clipping. I save more just by buying what’s on sale that week. But today is the one day a month that the one grocery store is doubling coupons and they had Organic Valley milk on sale 2 half gallons for $6. I found coupons online for $1 off a half gallon of milk and with the doubling I ended up paying the $2 for a gallon of organic milk. I also ended up getting some frozen veggies for free. To round up the trip, I had to end up getting a rain check on the roasting chickens they had for sale buy one get one free because they were out of them. I’ll go back for those this weekend.
Frugal lessons of the day:
1) Don’t underestimate any savings promotions your grocery store might have. You may end up with a good deal after all. For the one year I have lived in this town I always considered this double coupon policy a joke and never took advantage of it.
2) Take a second look at those sales fliers. A second look may help you unearth a deal you hadn’t looked into. I had overlooked the organic milk sale because I pay $3.09 per gallon of hormone-free milk. So initially the deal was not appealing to me. But coupled with the coupons found online plus the double coupon promotion the sales offer paid off.
3) If an item that’s for sale is not available on the shelf, don’t hesitate to ask for a rain check and if you do look at the rain check restrictions carefully. Last time I asked for a rain check I failed to notice that it was good for 15 days only. I didn’t find this out until it was too late, of course!