Frustrated By Frugal Living Posts? Here’s 3 Tips

frustratedIt can be very frustrating when you’re trying to stay on budget and you see all those frugal blog posts made by women that say they can feed their large family on an amazingly discreet budget. All of us want to be able to stay on budget and low our spending, but you can’t become frustrated and you have to keep things realistic. I’m going to go over some tips that will help you avoid frustration when you try to stay on budget and save cash at the register.

Your family is unique.

Chances are you’ve read some topics on women that are able to feed a large family on a small budget and you’ve thought about how you’ll never be able to feed your family on a budget that small. Chances are that you’ve even sit back and though of the reasons that you can’t do it. Here are some common excuses I’ve heard from struggling moms:

  • My ____ has a food allergy that I have to shop around.
  • My husband wants some form of meat with every meal.
  • We eat organic foods.
  • My store doesn’t allow double coupons.
  • Etc…

Chances are that you may be right and your grocery budget will never be as low as some of the authors of the blog posts you’re reading. You have to remember that there is not budget plan that’s going to fit everyone. Instead, your budget is going to be unique to you and your family.

Instead of being frustrated with their blog post, you should take the information they’ve provided you with, try to incorporate what you can and just move on from there. Next, move on to another blog post, gather information from that which you can incorporate into your life. Rinse and repeat this process and eventually you’ll have a customized budget that suits your needs.

It’s important to follow through.

It takes a lot of hard work to live on a budget and cut your spending down. There’s a ton of resources out there at your disposal and you’re currently reading this on one of them. We have a ton of coupons and deals we post about on a daily basis. Also, there are articles put up on the site (just like this one) for advice on frugal living. If you want to cut down on your spending, you have to put the advice you’re getting from these blogs posts into action. Remember, you have to follow through on what you’ve learned.

Time is Money

This is one of those statements that I absolutely live by. If you want to be able to save money, you have to focus some of your time on money-saving tasks. Take some time out to match up your menu with some of the coupons you have. Take some time out to reorganize your coupon binder, etc… Basically, I’m saying that the more time you put into money-saving tasks, the more money you will be able to save.

Do you have any tips for someone trying to cut down on their spending, but they’re becoming frustrated? If so, leave your tips in the comments section below.