Fun Coupon Facts For National Coupon Month!


Just how much do you know about coupons? You know they save you money. You know how to use them. But, did you ever wonder where they came from? When the first coupon was issued? Or how many coupons are issued?

Read on for a few fun coupon facts!

  • September is National Coupon Month! In honor of National Coupon Month, we’ll be posting lots of great couponing tips and tricks, as well as lots of great coupon deals.
  • The word coupon is derived from the French word couper, which means to cut.
  • The first coupon was actually for a free Coca-Cola drink. Issuing this coupon is most likely one of the main reasons why this now popular soft drink is a household name. Coupons were mailed to consumers and stuck inside magazines starting in 1887. By 1895, Coca-Cola was being sold all across the country in every state.
  • The popularity of coupons boomed during the Great Depression, as consumers did what they could to stretch every cent.
  • Coupon usage peaked in 1992, and actually declined until 2008, when consumers started to once again feel the pinch of an economically stressful time – the Great Recession.
  • In 2010, an estimated 336 billion coupons were issued.
  • Coupon usage declines yet again in 2012.
  • Despite the digital and technological boom in recent years, newspaper inserts are still the most popular source for coupons. It’s estimated that roughly 50% of the coupons redeemed are from newspaper inserts, and roughly 90% of the coupons issued are from newspaper inserts.
  • At the end of the millenium, Steven Boal watched his father-in-law head out to get the Sunday paper and sit at the kitchen table to clip coupons. A short time later, in 1998, hou founded, now one of the most well know online printable coupon websites.
  • Using coupons isn’t all about saving money. Many couponers also experienced emotional reactions when they used coupons, including happiness.

Now that I’ve giving you some fun coupon facts, let us know how you want to celebrate National Coupon Month!


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