Fun Games and Sports for the Frugal Family!

fun games and sportsKeeping your family in shape can be a full time job in today’s modern age. Lots of kids would rather sit and watch TV, play video games, or lose themselves in mobile devices than send time with the family or exercise.

Ugh! Drives me nuts, I tell ya! Humans weren’t designed to stare at screens all day, and family time is extremely important to me. To avoid falling into the technology trap, we try to limit screen time and plan fun games and activities for the family at least once or twice a week. Not only is it a great way to spend time together, it also helps keep us in shape. Well, at least in the spring and summer.

Sports and other fun games don’t have to be super expensive either. There are tons of fun games and sports to get your family moving that cost little to nothing to get started!


Tennis can be a super fun game for smaller families! If you have a public tennis court at a local park, all you need to invest in are some tennis rackets and tennis balls. Tennis rackets don’t have to be expensive either. You can pick up tennis rackets at Walmart for around $12 each.


All you really need to get started playing basketball is a ball. You can invest in a basketball hoop for your home, but many local parks have basketball courts that you can use for free! Kids love playing against parents in games like H-O-R-S-E.


Pick up a bat and some baseballs and head to your local park or baseball diamond. Most parks and schools don’t mind if you use the baseball diamonds, as long as there’s no practice or games going on. If your kids are younger, you may want to start with the smaller and lighter plastic bats, which you can pick up for next to nothing at most stores.


Again, all you need to get started playing football is the actual ball. Head to the local park to toss around the pigskin, or play a game of touch football in your own backyard.


That black and white ball can provide hours of fun for you and your family. Goals don;t have to be anything fancy either; a couple of orange cones or even sticks should work just fine. Lots of parks also have soccer fields—complete with real goals!—that you can use for free.


Fishing line, some hooks, and a few worms are all you need to get started fishing. Actual fishing poles and reels are pretty handy too, but in all honesty, they aren’t an absolute necessity. Just tie the string to the end of a stick and dip your baited hook into a school of sunfishl they’re super easy to catch and they never learn—they just keep coming back for more!


Frisbee is one of those fun games that costs almost nothing to start playing. You can find a cheap frisbee at most dollar stores, or you might even be able to snag a freebie when local businesses hand them out as promotional items.

Kite Flying

You can pick up kites for just a dollar at most dollar stores in the spring and summer. Sometimes you can even luck out and snag a two pack for a buck! Then, all you need is a wipe open field with few trees and no power lines.


You really don’t need anything to start hiking. All you have to do is don a comfortable pair of shoes or boots and start walking. Most states parks and national forests have marked trails for every hiker, from novice to expert. It’s a great way to stay in shape and enjoy nature at the same time!

How do you and your family stay in shape? Tell us about some of the fun games and sports you enjoy!