Get Cheap Music and Make Extra Cash With Old CD’s!

I just ran across this new (to me) website called Murfie. It’s a website that allows you to buy, sell, and trade CD’s.

If you just want to buy music, album prices start at just $2, which I think is pretty reasonable. When you buy a CD, you retain ownership of it. If you want the physical CD shipped to you, an extra $2 will be added to the album cost.

However, you can also opt for Murfie to store the physical disc for you and have access to the digital music instead. Once you buy an album, the songs are available for immediate streaming and downloading. Nice for those of us with mobile devices and digital music players!

You can even make a little extra cash from your old CD’s with Murfie too! Just send them your old CD’s and offer them for sale. When someone buys your CD’s, you’ll no longer own the disc or have access to the music on it, though. You’ll get 70% of the price each album sells for. You can use the money to buy more music or have a check sent to you.

To get started and learn more, just head over to Murfie and signup for a free account. All you need to do is enter a valid email and new password to create an account!