Get Money Back When You Shop thru Cashbaq

For the past few days I have noticed a few other blogs mention Cashbaq in their deals. I was a little hesitant to look into this, mostly because I am already signed up with Ebates. I didn’t want to deal with another account to keep track of. However, a few bloggers on Twitter were kind and showed me how easy it is to sign up for Cashbaq and why I should do it.

Signing up for Cashbaq only requires a name and email account. That was a plus to me at the time since the computer I was using didn’t have Roboform on it yet. I went back later to my account to add my payment information. This was another plus for Cashbaq. I can get paid via Paypal, which is much easier and should be faster than getting a check in the mail. Another great thing about using Cashbaq is that you can get your rebates back monthly. That is if you accumulate more than $10 in cash back in any given month. In contrast, Ebates pays once a quarter, after you meet the minimum amount required of $5.01.

I am not giving up on Ebates. As a matter of fact it is beneficial to have both. Even though there is some overlap in the merchants both companies offer, the cash back discount for some of them may differ. For example, instead of getting 15% in your purchases at through Ebates, you can get 30% back through Cashbaq. That $25 Gift Certificate is now only $1.40 through Cashbaq instead of $1.70 through Ebates.

Cashbaq is offering a $5 bonus when you sign up with them. Use my referral link and not only will you get your bonus but so will I, thank you so much!