Get Paid for Your Opinion with Synovate Global Opinion Panels

Looking for legitimate ways to make money from home?  I have blogged about several legitimate ways to do this with you, and here is another one I want to share with you today.  With Synovate Global Opinion Panel you can take surveys and participate in product test panels to earn some extra cash from home.

Synovate offers you points for the surveys they send your way.  Then you can use your accumulated points and turn them into cash.  Synovate also gives you a chance to participate in exclusive product testing offers in exchange for your opinion.

One thing to keep in mind with these online survey companies is that you will not get rich from doing these.  Consider them as a way to make some extra money.  You get fairly rewarded for the time you take to complete the surveys and for providing your opinion though.

Make sure to leave me a comment if in the past you have used Synovate to make money from home so others can decide whether it is for them or not.