Get Ready For Black Friday!! Be Sure To Sign Up For Text Alerts!!


Black Friday is almost HERE and the door busters are about to start rolling in. We will be texting each door buster as soon as they become available at some of the hottest retailers. Make sure you’re prepared! These door busters will likely sell out fast, so we will be texting them as we find them.

Make sure you’re signed up for text alerts!!!

You can sign up for text alerts by texting the word COMMON to 41411 and confirming. Just keep in mind we will likely be texting deals out pretty late Black Friday and Cyber Monday week.

Is there anything you guys are looking for at particular retailers? I’m going to make a list of the hottest items and retailers, and make sure I can try and text all these out to everybody so you have the best chance at scoring them.

Lastly, thank you all for following and supporting the blog! I look forward to help putting a smile on your families holiday this year by getting you the best deal on the very best items!