Get Ready for the Holidays Now and Save Time and Money Later!

stocking stuffersHalloween is over, and another holiday season is here! You might think it’s still a little too early to be thinking about the holidays, but the truth is it’s never really too early. A little early preparation can actually help you save a lot of time and money around the holidays!
Here are a few time and money savings tips to prepare for the holidays..

1. Determine How Much You can Spend

A good way to start to prepare for the holidays is by figuring out just how much money you have to spend this year. Take a look at your current budget and figure out how much extra money you have left. If you have little to no money for a holiday budget, you may be able to cut unnecessary expenses or sell some of your old belongings.

2. Make a Gift List

Names alone don’t make a gift list. You should also add a list of gift ideas for each person on your list. If your budget won’t accommodate everyone on your list, consider paring it down a bit.

3. Start Shopping

Don’t miss out of good deals just because it’s not close enough to the holidays! Start your holiday shopping now, and pick up gifts when you see them discounted. By starting a layawy, you’ll also be able to make affordable payments and pick up your gift by Christmas.

4. Take Inventory of Holiday Decor

Drag out some of your holiday decor to check it. Make a list of what’s still usable and what needs to be replaced. If you see a good deal on items you need before the holidays, you can save a bit of money.

5. Stock the Pantry

To get ready for the holidays in my house, we do a lot of baking and a lot of cooking. Stock your pantry with non-perishable items you can use for holiday treats and meals. Pair coupons with sales for the best deals.

6. Stock the Freezer

Freezer meals are a lifesaver around the holidays. With all the busy hustle and bustle of holiday events and shopping, you probably wont be up to cooking a full meal every night. Freezer meals are much less expensive than takeout and require little more than preheating and are perfect for nights that you’re too busy or tired to cook.

7. De-clutter

Get ready for the holidays and guests by taking time to de-clutter and organize your home. Tackle one room each day or each weekend and give it a thorough deep cleaning and de-cluttering. You’re house will thank you and you won’t have to rush around trying to get it done before guests arrive.

8. Take the Family Photo

Even if you don’t have your whole house decked out with holiday decor to take the annual family holiday photo. A few festive props or festive outfits are all that’s needed. Take your family photo now, so you can be ready to order your holiday cards when an awesome sale pops up in the weeks before Christmas.

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