Getting Tired of Being Frugal

Meredith at “Like Merchant’s Ships” is having a great discussion with her readers about what to do when you don’t feel frugal anymore. Maybe it’s the time of the year: reaching a low after the holiday highs, I don’t know. But several readers, bloggers and myself included are feeling or have felt the same way.

Partly because of the crummy weather and having to stay home more because of it, it just seems that all I go out for is to shop. That has just made me tired of spending money which in turn has increased the amount of time I think of staying frugal. I am also thinking of my birthday and Valentine’s day coming up and my husband asking what I would like. And I wish I could give in to my wants: I want an Ipod for when I exercise but I don’t really need it. I want a dinner for two at a nice restaurant. I want tickets to a music concert. Instead I am probably going to tell him to get me a pair of shoes I need and also want but need mostly. There are very many things I want but I don’t need, and that’s when it gets frustrating for me. Why is my head so practical? Why can’t I just give in to my wants instead of my needs.

What do you do when you get tired of thinking of how to save money or how not to spend your money? I know I am not the only one wishing money was limitless and I could allow myself to give in to my wants. Maybe what I need right now is to indulge a little. Isn’t that better than going on a big spending binge?

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