How to Go Sledding Without a Sled

sledding without a sled

With all of the fluffy snow outside, it’s perfect sledding weather!

For those of you who aren’t used to snow and for those of us who forgot to buy a sled this year, though, sledding could prove to be a bit difficult. To this I say – who needs a sled?! You don’t need to go out and buy a brand new sled. It’s entirely possible to go sledding without a sled. All you need is a little ingenuity, creativity, and one of the following items…

Garbage Bags

This is one of the most common and well known ways to go sledding without a sled. Use a large heavy-duty garbage bag, like a contractor or lawn and leaf bag. The plastic is super slippery, making it a great choice to go zipping down snow covered hills. Just put your legs and behind inside the garbage bag at the top of the hill and hang on for dear life!

Garbage Can Lids

Garbage can lids are another great option when you want to go sledding without a sled. Make sure the garbage can lid is clean first, of course! Sit in it like you would a sled and let ‘er rip!

Large Storage Containers

If you have a large plastic storage container handy, you can go sledding without a sled too! Just hop in at the top of the hill and push off. Flat plastic storage containers make the best impromptu sleds. Try an old under the bed storage bin or a flat wrapping paper bin.

Shower Curtains

Do you have an old thick vinyl shower curtain lying around? Hop on and go sledding without a sled! To make it easier to control (or bail off when it gets going too fast) you might want to cut it into a few large pieces first.

Baby Pool

If your kids have outgrown last year’s baby pool, use it as a sled! A few people can fit into a baby pool, so it could be used as a ride for the whole family. That means less fighting over who’s turn it is.

Inflatable Pool Toys

You can always bust out the inflatable pool toys when you want to go sledding without a sled. They’re good for more than just summer fun! Even pool toys that won’t hold air make great sleds. Inner tubes and rafts make the best impromptu sleds, but you might be able to use other pool toys. I wouldn’t recommend good pool toys, though, since there’s a chance they could get damaged. 

Inflatable Matresses

Use this one at your own risk! While inflatable mattresses are great options for those who want to go sledding without a sled, they’re also expensive and could get damaged. If you don’t mind or you were just going to get rid of it, though, by all means inflate it and hop on! Because it’s basically just a big cushion of air, it’ll also help you ride out the bumps better.


Don’t have a sled? Follow in Indiana Jones’ footsteps and break out the inflatable raft! I wouldn’t recommend a kayak or rowboat, although it would be interesting to see what would happen, eh?

Yoga Mats

What better way to use that yoga mat than to go sledding without a sled? Even if you aren’t into yoga anymore, you can still use your yoga mat to get a workout. These are generally made from smooth material, so they should zip right down a snow covered hill.

Safety Concerns When Going Sledding Without a Sled

It may seem like a carefree way to pass a snowy day, but sledding can still be dangerous if you don’t take a few precautions. Some of the items mentioned above may not be suitable for young children. Also, most of the items mentioned above are probably very difficult to steer and control, unlike some sleds.

Sledding can be fun, but please be careful. Never go sledding down a steep hill towards trees. This could end very badly. i know this from personal experience. Ouch…


Any other suggestions for what to use to go sledding without a sled?