Golf Digest Magazine Subscription for $3.99 (33¢ per issue)

Are you a Golf Widow like me? Well if so this might be something to score some points with the hubby or dear old dad!

You can get a one year subscription to Golf Digest Magazine for just $3.99.  That is 12 issues which comes to 33¢ per issue for one year!  Make sure to use the coupon code  COMMONSENSE at checkout to get this lower price.  This offer is valid through 7/24 11:59 pm EST only.


Improve your game with Golf Digest. Subscribe now to get instruction from the game’s hottest pros – Ernie Els, Justin Leonard, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods. Golf Digest gives you more and better tips than any other golf magazine. In every issue you’ll get two tear-out sections – Basicd, a refresher on fundamentals, and Pocket Tips, a review of the issue’s best tips. You’ll also get equipment reviews, America’s greatest 100 golf courses, feature stories, and much more.

 You can renew your subscription by using the exact same name and address as your existing subscription on your order.