Good Reasons to Be More Creative

be more creativeA lot of people think they aren’t creative, which probably isn’t true. Creativity is a very abstract notion which manifests itself differently, depending on the unique personality traits of each and every individual. Of course, any spark of creativity has to be ignited and sustained so that it can develop into something beautiful. Just like any other skills, you can work to be more creative and there’s good reason to be.

Creativity, just like any other ability, needs to be practiced on a regular basis. Otherwise, you end up being a little rusty at it. Maybe your field of work doesn’t do your type of creativity justice, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating something beautiful. Take up a hobby or use your free time to practice being more creative regarding different things.

Discovering or Creating Something Unique

A lot of brilliant minds have come up with many useful things. The innovations of past centuries have made us evolve as a society. Creativity is a never ending cycle and your purpose can be a noble one; as well as for you and the rest of mankind. Don’t let yourself down; you may have created something unique, useful and beautiful for this world so you better do your best to make your work be known to the rest of the world.

Creativity in Relation to Intelligence

A lot of studies have shown a certain link between creativity and intelligence. Thinking outside the box, finding creative, original solutions to different problems prove how intelligent and creative you can be. There are so many ways in which you can stimulate your creativity. Day dream more, get outside, practice meditation in the nature, take up a sport; do whatever it takes to exploit your creativity, to welcome it in your life.

Making Your Life Easier

Creativity can be incredibly practical; a lot of frugal fans have invented ways in which they made their life much easier, more affordable, less stressful and full of pleasant surprises. Little inventions and ingenious ways in which you can save money can be useful for others as well. This is the start of something beautiful and practical; why not start a business in which you can be helpful to others and earn some money at the same time? Or hold different events and workshops to promote your clever, creative ideas? So many choices, so little time…

Curiosity and Creativity

If you have a thirst for knowledge and you are curious by nature, this is good news indeed. Curiosity usually invites creativity over. If you do your research and understand how things work in general, you can come up with something unusual, new, useful. You will exercise your memory, intelligence and creativity when you think of new solutions to old problems. It’s a win-win situation.

Being Practical and Prepared for Anything

Creative minds are often seen as being chaotic, too dreamy and whatnot. But the truth is that many creative geniuses out there are quite practical and they are prepared for anything. This actually means that when an ingenious idea pops up in their mind, they’ll write it down and they’ll prepare to analyze it to see how it can be transformed from a theoretical idea to a practical one. They’ll also make a sort of mental triage to separate the useful, practical ideas from the useless ones.