Great Deal on Morningstar Farm Products

I just got back from Target to take advantage of this deal. This past Sunday Target put out coupons for Morningstar Farm products save $2 on one product. You can print this coupon here. There are also manufacturers’ coupons for $0.75/1 that came out on the inserts from 1/6/08. But hurry the manufacturers’ coupons expire on 3/2/08. I have a regular Target not a Super Target but the products they had were priced from $2.99-$3.29. So if you stack with the manufacturers’ coupon you are looking at paying $0.24-$0.54 per item.

I have tried the sausage links and patties and I like them. They are made from soy so it’s not like they taste like made from pork products but they are very tasty. I give the veggie burgers two big thumbs up. They also have “ground beef”; a 12 ounce bag was priced at $2.99 so only $0.24 if you are able to stack the coupons. It’s a great way to stretch ground beef in things like meat sauce or chili and at $0.24 per 12 ounces it’s a really good deal.

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