Groupon: $40 Voucher to for $20

In need of sending flowers of V-Day gift to someone? Then here is a way to do that for a little bit less. Groupon is offering a $40 voucher to for $20. Now, shipping is not included and shipping charges run around $19.99. So, basically this works out to getting free shipping on FTD. This is still a decent deal IF you HAD to send flowers to someone. Most flower companies charge around the same for delivering the arrangements so getting free shipping is money saved.

I can’t believe how expensive roses get for V-day. They are double the cost. I have to tell you, my husband and I have agreed he doesn’t need to get me roses for V-Day. It is not unromantic. He is actually very good about bringing roses throughout the year which is why I hate for him to pay double the price on this particular day. Anyone else with a similar arrangement?

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