Happy Birthday, Energizer Bunny!

This year, the Energizer Bunny is turning twenty. For a bunny, that’s pretty old! And, instead of getting gifts on his birthday, he’s giving them.

There are a couple of ways that you can get a present from the bunny. The first way is by shopping at Walmart. Just look for the little cardboard sign offering a $10 Walmart gift card when you buy two Energizer MAX batteries. I found this one up by the registers at my local Walmart.


As you can see from the picture, they were $6.37. So, here’s a scenario for you…

  • Buy two packs of Energizer MAX 8-count batteries at Walmart. Subtotal: $12.74
  • Use two $1.00 off Energizer Brand Batteries or Flashlight printable coupons. Subtotal: $10.74
  • Submit the codes inside the specially marked packs here for your $10 Walmart gift card. Final price: $.74 for 16 batteries!

If you’re not a Walmart shopper, you can also look at other stores for specially marked packages of Energizer MAX batteries offering Energizer Bunny Bucks. You can get a $4 check or PayPal deposit if you buy two specially marked packs of

  • Energizer® MAX® AA/AAA-4 batteries
  • Energizer® Advanced Lithium AA/AAA-4 batteries

…or, you can get an $8 check or PayPal deposit if you buy two specially marked packs of

  • Energizer® MAX® AA/AAA-8 batteries
  • Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA/AAA-4 batteries
  • Energizer® Recharge® Power Plus AA/AAA-4 batteries
  • Energizer® Recharge® Universal AA/AAA-4 batteries

Just enter the codes in the packages here.

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