Have Coupons Will Travel

While I was packing our bags for this trip, I kept thinking and rethinking whether I should take my coupon binder with us. When I shared with my husband what I was thinking of doing, all he said was that “we are not logging back diapers with us!” Poor thing, already traumatized by my diaper buying, lol!

Still I remembered that almost every time that we have traveled, we have always forgotten something. If we haven’t forgotten something a new need comes up and we have to head to the grocery/drug store to pay full price for said item. I thought that packing my coupon binder could help us save money buying those last minute items. So, I took my CVS card, my Walgreens rebate card and my coupon holder with me. A very small package that could lead to a lot of savings for us.

It didn’t take very long for that need to arise. Yesterday, after only a few hours here, my husband realized he forgot a toiletry item very important to him. Luckily, it seems there is a CVS around every corner here and stopping by one didn’t take us out of our way at all. The item that could have costs us $5.97 out of pocket cost us $0.97 after coupon and ECBs. I even got 1 ECB back from buying that item and a $3 off any face care item CRT that will be very useful in an upcoming sale.

Shopping for necessities is almost out of our minds when we travel. We think that most of the buying we will be doing is for gifts and souvenirs. But if you have traveled before you know something always comes up. Packing a couple of extra items can help you curb back some of those unforeseen expenses.