Have You Gotten Your Free Coupon

A few weeks back there was a form in the coupon inserts on the Sunday newspaper to send in for a coupon for free Post cereal (If you clip coupons, you know what I am talking about). It was actually a very interesting offer: send in the filled out form with 5 coupons for other brands of cereal. A nice way to take out the competition I think.

I just wanted to suggest that (if you don’t need to get cereal right away) you hold on to your coupons. My grocery store sometimes has promotions like” buy x boxes of cereals, get $x off your shopping order, or a catalina for free milk.” I sometimes use my coupons for free items to get me to a certain threshold of spending, particularly these days. To double coupons at my grocery store I have to buy $25 worth of items. Many times it’s hard for me to hit that target, so I use coupons for free items as fillers to get me there.

It’s just a suggestion, I think the expiration date on the coupon is not until October 08, plenty of time to use it.