Heads Up: Nestle Candy Coupons Available Again!


A few of you (me included) were upset that after I posted yesterday that the Nestle coupons had reset on Coupons.com, the coupon disappeared!  Well, they are available again this morning!  I just printed mine because I had procrastinated and had not printed them.  So, if you have not printed them and want these coupons, print while you can.

Save $2 when you buy any one 24oz. or larger bag of NESTLÉ candy

Save $2 when you buy any one 24oz. or larger bag of WONKA candy

Someone left a comment that the big bags are $4 at Target.  If someone know what the price is at Walmart, could you share in the comments section please?  A few of us are interested in knowing that.

Happy Savings!

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