The Healthcare Industry Sucks

Back in 2006 when my husband switched jobs, we signed up for the Plan A on his health insurance through work. Under this plan we had a low deductible and after that was reached our co-insurance would be 10%.
Thanks to a few medical issues we had on the second half of that year we reached that deductible very quickly and started paying the coinsurance. Life happened ad we were not very careful in what we were paying but it turns out we had been overpaying our medical bills. Instead of having us in Plan A, the insurance company had us under plan B, so we were paying 20% coinsurance instead of the 10%.
It has been more than a year since we have been trying to fix this and get our money back from one of the clinics we over payed. The insurance company is working on it, HR at my husband’s job is working on it, we are working on it; the only one not working on it seems to be said clinic.
Yesterday, we received a thin envelope from this clinic and I got really excited because it looked like a check was enclosed. I was so happy, finally we were getting our $230 back. Imagine my surprise when upon opening it what I find is a final notice for a $28 bill. If we didn’t pay that bill, it was going to be sent to collections. I was enraged! So this clinic has the ability of sending my $28 bill (that we refused to pay until we got our money back) to collection but I have no recourse for the money I am owed. That is just wrong!
Meanwhile, here we are being given the runaround by them for the money we are owed. Hopefully we will be seeing that check arrive anytime this year. I can always dream…

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