Herbal Essences Giveaway Starts 10/8 @ 11:30 PM EST!


A few days ago I shared about the Free product giveaway sponsored by Herbal Essences on Facebook.  Unfortunately the promotion got off to a rough start, as Herbal Essences didn’t anticipate the type of traffic the promotion generated.  To make it up to loyal fans and everyone who experienced inconveniences, Herbal Essences is starting over again and this  time with a bigger giveaway!  Instead of giving 50,000 coupons for FREE product, the company will be giving away 75,000 coupons total or 15,000 coupons every day for the next five days.

The new giveaway starts tonight 10/8 at 11:30Pm EST and will carry on for the next five days.  At this time I am not aware what will happen to the people and the coupons that were claimed before.  My advice would be to claim your coupon again, just in case.  I imagine the limit is one per household anyway and the company will be able to weed out repeat entries later.

To claim your free coupon, become a Fan of Herbal Essences on Facebook and stay tuned to their Facebook  Wall for updates on the link to use to claim this freebie.

Thanks Coupon Cravings!

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