Home Depot Garden Club Coupons

Become a member of The Home Depot Garden Club email newsletter and in addition to having Home Depot coupons emailed, you will also get advice appropriate for the zone where you live.

I have been a member of the Home Depot Garden Club for a bit over a year now and they regularly email you planting and gardening tips.  Just this past week I received an email with the following coupons:

Buy one get one free Hot Shot Liquid Ant Bait,

Buy one get one free Total Kill Wasp and Hornet Killer

$3 off Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer

Unfortunately these coupons are exclusive offers to members of the Home Depot Garden Club.  They are single use and they print with your email address on them.  So, if you want to have access to these and any other coupons good at Home Depot, you need to become a member of this newsletter.

By the way,  I owe you pictures of my vegetable garden.  It’s finally planted.  However, it was still a bit cold at the beginning of last week and the cucumber plants didn’t like that and died.  I will try to do this tomorrow.  I have the pictures ready, just need to share.

Have a great weekend!