Frugal Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

cracked heelsIt’s that time of the year again; winter brings us so many joys from winter holidays to a wonderland of snow. However, it’s also the season of cracked heels and both men and women seem to suffer from this. Cracked heels can really make us feel uncomfortable or even painful, especially when we have to run some errands. They can also be embarrassing and make us want to hide our feet from others.

There are remedies for cracked heels available for everybody. They aren’t costly at all and they actually prove to be quite effective. You can have smooth heels without trying too hard. The creams, lotions and natural remedies available are overwhelming. Pick something that works for you and enjoy smooth heels in no time.

Identifying the Cause

Cracked heels can be a serious issue that can lead to serious problems if not treated. You should identify the cause first. Are you drinking enough water? Are you on a healthy diet? Do you use different creams and lotions to stay protected from extreme temperatures? You can also be wearing the wrong type of shoes. Certain conditions can also lead to cracked heels. If you’re not sure what the cause of the problem is, go to your doctor for more expert advice and thorough investigations.

Preventing and Treating

A lot of vegetable oils, particularly olive oil and coconut oil, can help you prevent or treat cracked heels. It’s a natural choice that’s also affordable and very efficient. Your heels will thank you.

Soaking Your Feet

You should soak your feet in lukewarm water. The water should also be soapy. If you don’t want to fill the water with some soap use lemon zest instead, and soak your feet for several minutes. This should be part of a daily routine till you get rid of cracked heels. If your cracked heels hurt, soak them in warm water with epsom salt.


Pumice stones can really work wonders for cracked heels. After you finish soaking your feet, it’s time to scrub your heels with pumice stone. Be sure to wash your feet afterwards.

Overnight Treatment

You can use different foot creams for smooth, healthy heels and put socks on to let the cream work its magic during the night.

Natural Scrubs

You can use different natural ingredients as exfoliating scrubs. Brown sugar, used coffee grounds, and oatmeal can help slough off dead skin. This allows the skin on the heels to regenerate and feel smooth again.

Fruit Paste

A lot of experts recommend using a banana paste that will make the skin feel silky again. You can use other fruits, too.

The Right Socks and Shoes

The fabrics that you wear should be made of cotton or other good quality materials that let the skin breathe. The shoes should also be comfortable. The right shoes and socks will make you feel comfortable and they will keep your heels healthy and smooth.

Working Out and Dieting

When you gain weight you will put pressure on your feet causing them to ache. Naturally, you can also get cracked heels. A balanced diet and regular workouts can prevent a lot of problems. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins will help your skin glow, look and feel healthy.

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