Homemade Secrets for Healthy, Shiny Hair

healthy shiny hairHealthy, shiny hair is something we all want and luckily there are so many available remedies out there that can really make a difference. These remedies aren’t expensive and they have no secondary effects. So it’s time to kiss dry hair goodbye and enjoy healthy shiny hair during winter.

The hair is very affected by all sorts of things, from weather to pollution to the inner workings of your body. To make matters worse, winter can exacerbate hair problems even more. If you can’t stand the hair frizz, if your hair feels or looks greasy because you have to wear hats, ear muffs, beanies and whatnot, there are some tips you can try out to fight winter and take care of your hair.

Stay Hydrated

This is essential regardless of the season. Stay hydrated! Both your skin and hair will thank you. Drinking enough water will help you achieve and maintain that gorgeous healthy, shiny hair. You’ll also feel great, too.

Praising the Coconut Oil

The unrefined organic type of coconut oil is your best bet for shiny hair. You can massage this oil on your dry hair, or you can make shampoo, conditioner and hair masks combining coconut oil with your favorite natural ingredients. This is how you will protect your hair from the drying effects of the winter weather.

Saying No to Hair Dryers

Hair dryers may seem practical when you’re on the go, but they damage your hair and dry it even more. Try to wash your hair during the night and allow it to dry on its own while wrapping it in a towel. If you must dry your hair with a hair dryer, be sure to put it on the lowest temperature setting.

Try Eggs

You can use eggs in your homemade shampoos and conditioners for shiny hair too! Experts think that the best combination is yolk mixed with olive oil. This mask is effective during the summertime, too.

Try Honey

If you don’t like the smell of eggs, use honey instead. It is recommended for persons who want to have shiny hair.

The Many Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is good for digestion, diets, an upset stomach, a glowing complexion and even for some infections. It’s no surprise that many people use yoghurt as a hair conditioner, too.

Break Out the Aloe

Use aloe vera gel. It will strengthen the roots, moisturize the hair, and get rid of dry hair and split ends.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A lot of people use apple cider vinegar even if its smell isn’t so pleasant; it’s the kind of ingredient that speaks for itself. If you have tangled hair and want to get rid of the hair frizz that’s so typical during winter, apple cider vinegar is a good choice. It will also help you get rid of dandruff.

Stop Playing with Your Hair

You may or may not be aware of some of your gestures. Pay close attention to what you do; if you constantly play with your hair you’ll make it greasier and you’ll make it more vulnerable to breaking and split ends.

Stop Washing Your Hair too Often

Excessive washing will make your hair more vulnerable to tangling, to frizz and even dandruff since shampooing can strip your scalp and hair of its natural oils. Use natural shampoo and conditioner and use hair masks at least once a week and try not to wash your hair every day. A few washes a week or washing every other day is enough, if your hair doesn’t get too greasy.