DEAD DEAL: Hot Diaper Deal at Amazon

Check out this deal by Angie from Babycheapskate:

“Amazon has a box of 264 Huggies Baby-Shaped Diapers size 1-2 (8-15 lbs) for $17.65. Shipping is $6.95. Spend $25 and get a $15 refund (one per customer) or a two-year subscription to Cookie mag. Details here.

The math works out like this:
$35.30 two boxes of Size 1-2 Huggies
+6.95 shipping
-15 if you choose to get a refund instead of the Cookie Magazine subscription
=27.25 or 5.1 cents per diaper! sweet!

These would make a great baby shower gift. It is also a great way to stock up for new baby to come or newborn. My son wore size 1-2 until he was about 2 months old.

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