Hot Pepsi/Frito Lay Deal at Walgreens plus more

I mentioned in my Walgreens weekly post the Register Rewards promotion that Walgreens has on Pepsi/Frito Lay products.  Well it turns out that the deal is a little better than what I originally thought.

Apparently this register reward is printing $5 RR if you buy $15 in Pepsi/Frito Lay products or $10 if you buy $20 in products.  These are the qualifying products:

12 pk or 2 ltr: Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist
32 oz. Gatorade, G2 or Tiger
9 – 13 1/2 oz Tostitos Tortilla Chips
11 3/4 – 13 oz Doritos (all varieties)
16 oz Tostitos Queso Dip

Besides the 12 packs and the litter bottles, the Doritos and the Tostitos chips and dips are also part of the Pepsi rebate.  The 12 packs are on sale $3 each and the Tostitos chips and queso dips are on Megasaver* 2/$7 if you buy two or $3.99 for one.

If you want to do the rebate you could buy:

$12 for four twelve packs
$10.5 for three bags of tortilla chips
-4 of these $1/1 internet printable coupon if you are buying Pepsi One
=18.50 out of pocket and get $10 in RR back and submit your receipt for the Pepsi Rebate.

I am not advocating that you buy these products because they are cheap or because there is a rebate going on.  But the Superbowl is coming and chances are pretty good that some of you will be hosting a Super Bowl party and will need some of these items.  So if you think you will need them this is a good sale to take advantage of.

Here are a couple more deals:

  • Lysol wipes are on sale buy one get one free and there was a $1 off one coupon in the 1/11 inserts.  Reportedly there are also double packs of these wipes included in the sale. Thanks Anita!
  • Extra gum is on Megasaver this month at Walgreens for $1.98 for three packs (regular price is $1.19 per pack).  There is also a $0.99 off three packs coupon in the January Easysaver catalog.  Combine the sale price with the store coupon to pay $0.33 per pack of gum.  Be warned that apparently the coupon doesn’t work on the Berry Paradise flavor.  Thanks Ana!

*Megasaver is a special sale price at Walgreens that usually last the length of the Easysaver period.

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