How I Spot a Deal

A reader left me a comment asking me how I come across these deals. There’s some method to the madness but this is how I generously find out about the deals going on:

  1. Doing my own research: A lot of this is part of my own shopping around for things that I need. I am regularly on the lookout for things on sale that my home needs. Since I started this blog, I also keep an eye out for things I think my readers may need as well. Spotting your own deal has to do with knowing what’s a good sale. I am always comparison shopping and have been blessed with good memory for some things. Remembering prices and sales comes easy to me and that helps in spotting a good sale price or discount.
  2. Getting a helping hand: They say it takes a village to raise a child, I say it takes a village to spot a deal. Communities like Hotcouponworld and Slickdeals make it easy on everyone to find the deals. There is a community out there of deal seekers that are not only looking for the deal but also willing to share it with others. I also regularly get emails from readers sharing their own finds with me so I can then share them with you. Thank you!
  3. Networking: I subscribed to a lot of great blogs. It would be impossible for me to mention favorites because it would be a really long list. I get a lot of deals from them, after giving credit of course! I also recently joined Twitter and have been finding deals there as well. That’s how I found out the Ralph Lauren Towels deal from Meredith. It really shows you the value of networking, Meredith’s is not a deal blog but she shared about what she had done that day and in doing so let others know about this deal.

I don’t have a problem sharing with you how I find the deals that I find. I hope that visiting this blog provides you with ideas and tools so that you can find your own deals. It is my intention, though, to make your life easier by being an informational resource that saves you time. This is what’s funny about what I do: I have never had more fun doing a “job” than I do in keeping this blog. Doing this is something I really enjoy because it is something that I like doing. When I used to work as an auditor, and I loved being one, the days dragged by and I can’t say I looked forward to the next day. But as silly as it sounds, I look forward to writing the next money saving blog entry.