How Many Ways Can You Make Egg Salad?

make egg saladThe creamy concoction of hard boiled eggs and mayo is a sandwich staple for many. Kids and adults alike have egg salad for lunch and as a snack. I, myself, make egg salad often. It’s a tasty and simple low-cost lunch that the kids can get themselves during the summer.

I hardly ever make egg salad the same way twice, though. I’m constantly adding new and tasty additions when I make egg salad. Some of the additions are keepers and some are flops, but it’s definitely a fun learning experience! With all of the great additions to egg salad, there are literally thousands of different ways to make egg salad!

If you’re looking for your own yummy egg salad additions, here are a few yummy ideas!

Pickled Veggies

Lots of people add pickles when they make egg salad, but pickled cucumbers don’t have to be the only pickled egg salad addition. Try a variety of pickled veggies when you make egg salad, including pickled peppers, carrots, adn cauliflower.


Finely chopped white onions are a nice addition to egg salad, especially if you like a touch of spice. Experiment with different types of onions when you make egg salad for different tastes. Give green onions, scallions, or leeks a try, for instance.


Another great addition to egg salad, celery should be finely chopped before being added to the mixture. To keep your egg salad from getting watery, try leaving your celery spread on some paper towels to try a bit before adding it to the egg salad mixture.

Bell Peppers

Finely chopped green, red, yellow, and orange bell peppers add crunch and color to egg salad. Not to mention, they’re super tasty too!


Chop some olives and add them when you make egg salad. You can use regular green or black olives, or add a gourmet taste with some gourmet stuffed olives.


Raisins add some nice texture and taste when you make egg salad, and they’re relatively healthy. Use regular raisins or different varieties, like golden raisins or sultanas. Even dried currants or cranberries can be a nice addition.


Chunks of carrots in egg salad might be a little too much, but coarsely grated carrots are about perfect. They add a touch of sweetness, a little crunch, and a lot of color!


Some people add crumpled bacon when they make egg salad. I haven’t tried this idea yet, but it does sound yummy!


Peanuts, walnuts, cashews, or just about any other type of nut can also be added to egg salad. Chop them with a large knife or crush them before adding the to the salad.


Mustard is a common addition to egg salad, but have you tried experimenting with different types of mustard when you make egg salad? A honey mustard gives it a slightly sweeter taste, while dijon mustard give it a bit of a bite.


Speaking of egg salad with a bite, try adding a little horseradish next time you make egg salad. And by a little, I really do mean a little! Just a tiny bit of horseradish goes a long way in egg salad, and too much could render your salad inedible.


If you have some ranch fans in your house, try adding a bit of ranch to your egg salad. You can use a little ranch dressing or sprinkle some dry ranch mix into the salad.

Sour Cream

You can make egg salad a little healthier by using sour cream along with the mayo. Use half mayo and half sour cream for a nice taste.

Herbs and Spices

We really don’t make egg salad at my house without adding some herbs and spices, fresh whenever available. Some good options include dill, parsley, basil, cumin, paprika, and cayenne.