How My Family Saves Money by Buying in Bulk

Despite the fact that my visits to warehouse clubs have slowed down to a trickle, shopping at these stores is still a necessity for me. There are two types of items my family still purchases at the warehouse stores to save money:

Items we are brand loyal to
Even though we have become quite good at being able to switch between brands for a lot of the things we use and consume, there are still items that we have not been able to find a suitable replacement for. A perfect example of this is ketchup. My husband loves Heinz ketchup and unfortunately no other brand will do. In the one year that I have been using coupons I have not been able to find a coupon for this product. As a result, I usually have to pay full price for it. Except that now I pay less per ounce than I used to. In the past I would buy a small container at Walmart, now I buy a big tub at Sam’s and just refill the small bottle with it.

Items we consume a lot of
Either my husband or son eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday. As a result we go through lot of it on a monthly basis. Even when I am able to find a good sale at my grocery store I can never stockpile enough to lasts us until the next sale occurs. So a long term savings strategy has been to switch to buying this product at the warehouse store.

Those are the top two reasons my family shops at warehouse clubs. Do you shop at warehouse clubs? if so what kind of items do you usually buy?