How to Control Bad Moods

control bad moods

Bad moods are temporary, that’s true, but if you want to be productive at work or avoid a fight with your loved ones, you need and want to control bad moods. It may not be easy to be the master of your moods, but it certainly isn’t impossible to control your temporary feelings.

Bad moods often translate to bad emotions. Bad moods are unavoidable, but they can be controlled so that you avoid misunderstandings, fights or regrets that you end up having for your behavior.

Your Choice

You can choose how you can feel about things. You can choose if you want to be ruled by emotions or not. Depending on your will and determination you can control and eventually fade bad moods out.

Occupy Your Mind with Something

If you’re having a bad mood, use distractions. Go for a walk, dance, work out or talk with a friend if you’re not feeling too well. Both pain and mood swings can be controlled by distracting your brain with other activities that you really enjoy doing.

A Different Mindset

Always try to see things from different perspectives. If you always tend to see the worst in people and situations, your pessimistic nature will make it harder for you to manage and control bad moods. By trying to be more optimistic about things you can control your mood easier. Because you know that your bad moods won’t last forever and it is in your power to be miserable, angry, resigned or happy.

A Sense of Humor

A joke, a comedy sketch, a stand-up comedy show can really make the pain subside. Your bad mood will be bearable if you laugh it off. Even if, at first, your laughter will seem a bit forced, in time your mind will be used to reacting with humor to mood swings and any other situations that trigger a bad mood in you.

Does It Really Matter?

Is it really important? What you’re feeling right now will soon pass so is it that important that it deserves your whole attention? Think of all the really important things you have to do right now. Focus on your deadlines and other important things then relax or do something that will bring a smile on your face.

Change Something

Change what you’re doing. All of a sudden. If you can. Your brain will have to adjust to the new stimuli so for the time being you will forget about your bad mood. It’s a neat trick and it can also help you avoid routine.


Look outside the window for some minutes and just let your mind wander. Daydream. It will help you face whatever you’re feeling.

Go for a Walk

Even a short walk can make all the difference in the world. Walk for a few minutes in the park. Nature is therapeutic.

Breathing Techniques

If you don’t have the time to get the bad mood out of your system, focus on some breathing techniques. They will relax your mind and body, making it easier for you to continue with what you’re doing without begin affected by your emotions.