How to Cope with Tragedy

cope with tragedy

There are no instructions, no successful universal tips or any book that holds the right answers when it comes to dealing with a tragedy. Everybody copes in his or her own way with a sad experience, with a tragedy or with heartbreak.

But there are some stages that seem to be similar to most people. The duration of these stages varies depending on the individual, his emotions and the way he sees life.

Embracing Positive Emotions

People that have gone through some hard times or have experienced a certain tragedy either grow stronger or feel totally devastated after a terrible, tragic event. But psychologists advise anybody who has suffered a loss, experiences chronic pain or has battled a terrible illness to embrace every positive emotion, even if it is short lived. By appreciating every little good thing in your life you can find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Optimism can be practiced till it becomes a natural expression of our lives. By being optimistic you can accomplish more and you can recover a little bit faster after a terrible event. Even if your smile is forced, even if your hope seems like acting, you can end up being more optimistic than before.


We have to accept tragedy as a natural thing that happens in life. It is unfair, it will hurt a lot, but tragic events are inevitable. Once we accept this as the natural course of things, we can start moving on. That doesn’t mean we are insensitive or forget about what happened or about the persons that aren’t with us anymore.


Hope for a new day. Hope it will get better. Be happy that you are still alive and able to do many beautiful things. You have dreams to pursue, things to accomplish. You can hope for better days. Those days are just around the corner. It is easier said than done, but what other choice do you have? You have to keep on living.

Sense of Humor

Humor, even if it seems morbid at such a low point in your life, can really make a difference. By trying to laugh, by joking around you make others feel better and you also soothe the pain that you are feeling.

Feeling Stressed Out

Tragedy and stress go hand in hand. This is why you have to do something about it. Go on a hike. Walk for a few minutes. Paint. Dance. Go to the spa. Go on a trip. Do whatever it takes to relax and try to meditate about life and how you can improve your life to recover after a tragic event.

Avoid Isolation

The first instinct is to isolate yourself from the rest of the world until the heartache is over. This kind of tendency invites depression over. Being surrounded by friends and family can ease the pain. Your loved ones can be a shoulder to cry on and they can also be good listeners. Their presence alone will help you. And no, no they will never consider your pain a burden. You matter and you are loved.