How to Get More Free Time

free timeYou are at the office or at work and you are imagining so many cool activities that you could do in your free time; if only you weren’t working! Or maybe you’re a student and you have so much to learn about and you also have to attend classes and work at a part time job, but you dream of traveling and doing anything else except studying. Or maybe you’re a cool mommy and you spend time with your lovely kids but you also dream about a little me time because you definitely deserve it.

Whoever you are free time is a hot commodity! The truth is each and every one of us, regardless of our profession, need a break from our hectic schedules. The good news is, free time doesn’t have to be a dream. Here’s how to get more free time…

Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask for Help

If you are a busy housewife or mommy, you need all the help and understanding you can get. You have to do the house chores and take care of the kids and all of these activities can exhaust you. If you’re a working mama, you probably have even less free time! Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Let your husband or mother take care of the kids for a few hours and during this time focus on yourself, have some genuine me-time and don’t feel guilty about it. You’ve earned a break.

Say No to Distractions

Procrastination can prolong our office hours and instead of getting the job done in a timely fashion, we end up spending so much time at work when we can be somewhere else instead. Learn to say no to distractions, from work gossip to idle chit-chats with your colleagues. You can socialize at work, but try to keep it short. It’s a cool way to enjoy more free time after work.

Designate Days for Different Activities

Don’t let the house chores and work tasks pile up. Don’t let the homework pile up either. Make a list and designate different days for different activities. You can have all the weekend to yourself and you can also enjoy free time during the week when you can do anything that you’d like. And you can have all of these things by organizing your schedule.

Do Something Different Every Day

Routine can end up boring us and lead to procrastination. Try something different for a change. Rearrange your tasks and eliminate the useless activities like web surfing during work hours or zapping the TV channels at home. Basically, make things interesting and get down to business. The faster you get your responsibilities done, the faster you can get on with your free time!

Think about Your Passions

Maybe you have plenty of free time at your disposal but you don’t know what to do with it. This happens so often! We feel that free time is often wasted by doing nothing. Well, think about it for a second. What have you dreamed of always doing? What are your passions, your hobbies? It’s never too late to take up a pottery class, for example, or to go horse-riding.

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