How to Reuse a Disposable Razor Over and Over

Shavings seems to have become a pretty expensive activity these days. The price of decent razors and cartridges is so ridiculous that it’s not a wonder men seem to have gravitated toward the beard trend!

If you’re like most people these days, you probably buy the disposable razors. You probably even reuse disposable razors a few times before tossing them and reaching for a new one. After all, trying to shave with a dull, knicked, or—yikes!—rusty blade is quite a pain not to mention a bit dangerous. Even if you reuse a disposable razor a few times, the costs of razors and shaving supplies can really add up!

So, is there any way to reuse a disposable razor more than a few times and not have to worry about dull rusty blades? Absolutely! The following tips won’t make your razors last indefinitely, but they can help you keep them in good shape for quite a while!

#1. Clean razors well after each use. 

It’s important to rinse away all of the built up hair and skin cells from your razor after each use. Too much gunk around the blades not only makes it more difficult to reuse a disposable razor, but it’s also quite unsanitary. To remove gunk from between the blades, use an eyebrow brush or a toothbrush.

#2. Rinse razors with rubbing alcohol.

After you’re done rinsing in regular water and removing the gunk, give your disposable razor a dunk and swish in a cup of rubbing alcohol. This has a couple of benefits. First, it can kill alot of the germs on the blades. It can also help get rid of any leftover water droplets left behind that can cause the blades to rust. The alcohol will evaporate quickly, leaving he blades dry.

#3. Dry razors well.

Moisture is one of a razor’s worst enemies! Even if you dunk your disposable razor in alcohol, you should still dab it dry with a cloth to make sure all excess water is gone.

#4. Sharpen razors with jeans.

reuse a disposable razor

Well, you don’t actually have to shave them, per say, but this next little tip can help keep your blades sharp. If you want to reuse a disposable razor over and over again, run the blades up the leg of a pair of jeans about 15 to 20 times in the opposite way that you would shave with it. This will help sharpen the blades, giving you a closer more comfortable shave time after time!

#5. Rub the blades with oil. 

Finally,when you’re done sanitizing, drying and sharpening your disposable razor, carefully cover the blades with a couple drops of baby oil. This will help keep moisture away from the blades and prevent rust. A little oil can also lubricate the blades, giving you a closer shave!

How any times do you reuse a disposable razor? Any other tips for keeping them in good shape?

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