Huge Sale on DIY and Hobby Magazine Subscriptions at Discount Mags!!


Are you a DIYer? You might want to hurry over and check out the Hobby Hound sale at Discount Mags right now! There are lots of DIY and hobby magazine subscriptions on sale right now! Some deals include:

  • Family Handyman—$7.99/yr (8 issues)
  • Do It Yourself—$12.95/yr (4 issues)
  • Extreme How-To—$6.99/yr (9 issues)
  • Woodcraft—$9.95/yr (6 issues)
  • Woodworker’s Journal—$7.99/yr (6 issues)
  • Art & Antiques—$16.99/yr (10 issues)
  • Country Woman—$7.99/yr (7 issues)
  • Digital Photo—$4.99/yr (7 issues)
  • Quick & Easy Crochet—$9.99/yr (4 issues)
  • Just Cross Stitch—$18.99/yr (7 issues)
  • Guitar Player—$8.99/yr (12 issues)
  • Games World of Puzzles—$13.99/yr (10 issues)
  • and LOTS MORE!!

As you can see, there’s a nice variety to choose from here! Make sure you pay attention to how many issues you’ll be getting though. I noticed that a lot of them only include one issue.

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