Hyper Tough 106-pc Rotary Tool Kit Only $11.94!

These little rotary tools can come in pretty handy! If you’ve been thinking about grabbing one, head over to WalMart and pick up the Hyper Tough rotary tool kit for only $11.94! This kit comes with the rotary tool and tons of accessories, including:

  • 10-grinding stones
  • 2 diamond bits
  • 3 sand bands
  • 36 cut-off wheels
  • 40 sanding discs
  • 1 dressing stone
  • 3 collets
  • 2 felt polishing wheels
  • 1 steel brush
  • 2 HSS twist drill bits
  • 2 mandrel wheels
  • 1 mandrel for sanding band
  • 1 collect wrench

Store everything away in the blow-mold case until you need it! 

This ships for free on orders of $35 or more, or you can pick it up for free at your local store!