I am a Black Friday Survivor

We survived the biggest shopping day of the holiday season, yay!! We didn’t get up early for any door buster deals but we still hit a few of the stores. My husband did end up getting a DVD burner but it came as a holiday present from his dad. My mom and I went to Walgreen’s where she and I got lipstick for very cheap and also free razors. I also got some cheap Tide and paper towels. In all I spent $4.xx.

Then we went to Kmart where I thought I could get LEGO sets for my friend’s son. I thought the offer they had was buy one get one free but it was buy two get one free and I just couldn’t find a third person to give a third set to. I left empty handed. My mom is a seamstress and I have inherited her fabric addiction. So we also hit the fabric store which was also running a black Friday sale. Can you believe that the fabric store was mobbed? It was incredible, the line to pay was going around the inside of the store. I don’t know what these people were buying but all I saw that looked good to me was $0.99 flannel fabric. I obviously missed something. Well, the line was so incredibly long we left without anything because I didn’t want to stand in line that long.

So, all in all we are going to end up about $5.00 out of pocket for our Black Friday purchases. Not too bad. Now, how much damage will tomorrow at the outlets bring about? Check back later.