iBarBQ Meat Shredding and Handling Claws Just $6.99!

If you do a lot of pulled pork or just cook large pieces of meat or poultry, these little tools should come in pretty handy. This set of iBarBQ Shredmaster meat shredding and handling claws can be used to easily shred pork for pulled pork.

If you’re anything like our family on Thanksgiving, lifting and moving the turkey to a serving platter bears a striking resemblance to an old Three Stooges skit. These claws would definitely make that easier too!

This set is priced at just $6.99 on Amazon right now, plus you’ll get FREE shipping with a Prime account or an order of $35 or more. I’ve seen these elsewhere for no less than $10, so it’s a nice little bargain if you can snag the free shipping.